Note: Deplink is still under development. Use it only for testing purposes.


Use below button to download latest version of cross-platform Deplink CLI. Currently Deplink is under development and only bleeding-edge builds are available. Deplink is free and always will be available for free.

Bleeding-edge build - MIT License

Installation Instructions

Call commands through Docker Container:

This method uses containers with pre-installed Deplink CLI to execute commands in your local filesystem. Each command creates container which is immediately removed after executing the command.

Below command will execute the init command inside /your/local/path directory.

docker run --rm -v /your/local/path:/root/workspace deplink/deplink deplink init

Manual installation using phar archive:

  1. Install PHP in version 5.6 or greater (version 7.x is also supported)
  2. Add PHP to your PATH environment variable
  3. Download Deplink archive (click to get latest version or build from source)
  4. Run Deplink using php deplink.phar help command