Install Command

Install dependencies listed in the deplink.lock or in the deplink.json if lock file is missing or outdated.

Note: Deplink is still under development. Documentation can be incomplete or contains outdated information


deplink install [options] [<package>]...

Below table demonstrates whether specified packages will be added to the dependencies or dev-dependencies section in the deplink.json file (the "Section" column) and whether installation will also download and build dependencies listed in the dev-dependencies section (the "Install dev" column).

CommandSectionInstall dev
deplink installn/aYes
deplink install --devn/aYes
deplink install --no-devn/aNo
deplink install deplink/sampledependenciesYes
deplink install deplink/sample --devdev-dependenciesYes
deplink install deplink/sample --no-devdependenciesNo

Additionally while specifying the package argument you can include custom version constraint and linking type constraint. If version is omitted then Deplink will force project to use version compatible to the newly installed one. Omitting the linking type will result in using a linking type preferred by the library.

Package argument format:


Example commands:

deplink install hello/world:^1.3
deplink install hello/world::static
deplink install hello/world:2.*:dynamic


  • package - names of the packages to add before installation.


  • --dev - add optional packages to "dev-dependencies" section,
  • --no-dev - skip installation packages from the "dev-dependencies" section,
  • --no-progress - outputs only steps without showing dynamic progress,
  • -d, --working-dir=WORKING-DIR - use the given directory as working directory.