Quick Access Manual

Quick Access is a search engine to easy navigate between pages on Deplink website. Be careful, it's very addictive feature and you'll miss it on the other sites.

How it works? Each page on the site has it own title, description, content, url, ... Almost all of the page elements are used when you search using Quick Access tool. To search via the Quick Access press F2 (on mobile devices click in a top right corner) and type what you're looking for.

Quick Access engine is powered by the Fuse.js, thanks to Kiro Risk for this amazing library!


Results could change over time when new pages comes to the documentation and some titles or descriptions change. Shortcuts was created to provide more convenience on navigating on the site. The predefined shortcuts ensure that you'll go to the same page each time you type it. Try the following ones:

  • github - project on GitHub,
  • repo - opens Official Online Repository,
  • download - go to the Download page,
  • help - link to the page you're currently reading.

If you think there should be created a new shortcut then feel free to open an issue on the GitHub.