Index of the available documentation articles.


Getting Started
Deplink is a console application to automate process of downloading, building and linking dependencies in C/C++ projects. Deplink allows you to create your own packages which you can share within the company or with the whole community.
Installing libraries
What should I do after cloning a project? How can I install new library? This article contains answers for asked questions.
Package File
The deplink.json schema is the most important file in the whole package. Each field of this file describes how the package should be builded or interact with other packages.


Constraints are a set of rules to define which version should be used along with additional constraints. It's highly important to use correct constraint to narrowing possible case of use to supported ones.
Repository store information about available dependencies, their versions and source code or location from which this source code can be downloaded.
Private Repository
Host your private packages on your server. Private repository is available for free and contains all features included in the official repository.


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